When riding a motorcycle, defensive driving is essential.

Regardless of whether you are on a motorcycle or in a car, defensive driving is important. However, when you are on a bike, you are much more vulnerable, so it makes defensive driving more than just important; it’s essential. At Big Sleazy Inc., we are so passionate about motorcycles that we host The Moteaux¬†Show every year, which is a can’t-miss motorcycle event in New Orleans, but we are just as passionate about rider safety. That’s why we’ve come up with these tips to help you become a defensive rider:

#1. Make sure that your motorcycle is in good shape.

Maintenance is essential for your¬†motorcycle because motorcycles are much less forgiving than traditional vehicles. For example, if you blow a tire in your Honda CRV, you can maneuver to safety fairly easily, but if a tire blows on your bike, you could be putting yourself in a life or death situation. Make sure that you keep up with your motorcycle’s safety needs and keep a close eye on any issues that come up.

#2. Keep your eyes open.

Your vision is one of the most important safety tools you have. Don’t just focus on the road ahead of you, keep your eyes moving. Consistently check your mirror and look around you so that you can be prepared to act at the first sign of trouble.

#3. Wear the right gear.

Since there is no vehicle surrounding and protecting you, you have to rely on your safety gear to do so. Never ride your bike in shorts and a t-shirt; always make sure that you are fully covered and protected, and never go out without a helmet.

Would you like to learn more tips on how to become a defensive rider? If so, please stay tuned for our next blog.