There are many different styles of motorcycles, and each one is good for different things.

Every year the motorcycle enthusiasts at Big Sleazy Inc. put on New Orleans’ most notorious motorcycle event, the Moteaux Show. Unlike other biker events, we don’t charge entry fees for our motorcycle competition and it is open to all motorcycles. Whether you are watching or competing in this competition, you’ll come across a variety of motorcycles types. These types are all good for different things, and to help you get the most out of the Moteaux Show this year, we’ve come up with this guide on motorcycle types:


These bikes are general purpose bikes, and they are sometimes called roadsters or naked bikes. These bikes are known for their simplicity, and they allow the rider to sit in a comfortable, upright position. Standard bikes are often a good choice for beginners.

Sport Bike

Sport bikes are designed for speed, acceleration and handling, but with that functionality also comes poor fuel economy and discomfort. Sport bikes are designed for short, quick rides, but they aren’t such a great option for long trips. Because these bikes handle well and are lightweight, they may be appealing to beginners, but their speed makes them less ideal.


Cruises have low torque engines, which makes them less demanding to ride than other bikes because the rider doesn’t have to shift as frequently to maintain control or accelerate. Cruisers put you in an upright position that is comfortable for moderate speeds around town, but can be uncomfortable at faster speeds when the wind is blowing against your chest. Cruisers have very little ground clearance, which makes them difficult to handle.

Learn about more types of motorcycles when you stay tuned for our next blog.