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Is your wife refusing to let you buy your own motorcycle?

If so, you’re not alone. Motorcycles can be dangerous, and since no wife wants to become a widow, many are concerned for their husbands’ safety. At Big Sleazy, Inc., we proudly put on the best motorcycle show in all of New Orleans, The Moteaux Show, and we are just as passionate about motorcycles as you are. In our last blog, our experts went over several tips to help you convince your wife to let you buy a bike. Here are a few more:

#5. Pick out a bike beforehand.

Before you convince your wife of anything, you need a solid argument, and you can’t form a solid argument if you haven’t done your homework about which bike will be best for you. For your first bike, pick something that is safe, sturdy and won’t fall over easily. This doesn’t mean that you should actually purchase a bike before convincing her, but it’s wise to be able to tell her exactly what you want and why it’s the safest option.

#6. Purchase your safety gear.

You can tell her that you’ll be safe on your bike until the cows come home, but if you don’t show her how serious you are about safety, you won’t get very far. Purchase a helmet and all of the other safety gear you’ll need out on the road. This way, she’ll see how dedicated you are to being safe while riding.

#7. Get her on a bike.

If you’ve never been on a bike, you don’t know how exhilarating it is or how much of a rush you get from it. In most cases, wives start to understand why their husbands love to ride so much when they ride themselves, and it softens them to the idea of buying one.

Regardless of whether you wife lets you buy a bike or not, join us at The Moteaux Show in New Orleans this year!