Stay safe while riding your motorcycle by learning how to ride defensively.

Most people know that riding a motorcycle can be dangerous, but luckily, you aren’t completely helpless against danger. Yes, some situations could be out of your control, but by learning to drive defensively, you give yourself the best chance at being safe while riding. In our last blog, the experts at our motorcycle show in New Orleans went over several tips to help you become a defensive rider. Here are a few more:

#4. Make sure that you are always visible.

Most drivers look for other cars, not bikes, which is why motorcyclists are not always easy to see. Do everything you can to be visible to all of the drivers around you at all times. This includes having a brightly colored bike and gear, as well as using your headlights appropriately. Also, leave enough space between you and the vehicle in front of you so that the driver can see you. If their side mirrors aren’t visible to you, then your bike isn’t visible to them.

#5. Be confident, but not aggressive.

If you are hesitant or indecisive¬†on your bike, you are putting yourself in a much more dangerous situation than if you are confident. Take a class or practice riding on less busy roads if you don’t feel confident riding your motorcycle. However, it is just as important to not be overly aggressive. Being an aggressive driver can also put you in a dangerous situation.

At Big Sleazy Inc., we are passionate about motorcycles, as well as motorcycle safety. Do your part to keep yourself safe while riding your bike!